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The Insomnia Cure

Virtual Coaching by the Insomnia Experts at Julia Ross' Diet Cure Clinic

Have you, like so many people, tried everything to get to sleep? Insomnia is epidemic now, yet there are simple and effective nutritional solutions that many health practitioners overlook. Our staff nutritionists have successfully provided these solutions, based on the techniques described in Julia Ross' best selling book, The Mood Cure, to thousands of clients over the past 15 years.

Effective sleep solutions depend on the correct identification of each insomniac's unique sleep challenges. The first step to solving your sleep mystery is to determine which specific type of insomnia you have. There are several types, and you could have more than one!

The Insomnia Cure Program

We tailor our recommendations for supplements, food, and lifestyle to your specific type(s) of insomnia based on your responses to this questionnaire and on the other information that we gather in our thorough intake process. We often factor in the results of targeted lab testing. All this, and our experience with thousands of insomniacs, allows us to promptly recognize which nutrients will most effectively target specific sleep problems and put you peacefully to sleep.

An Example of a Virtual Insomnia Cure

A 46 yr old man came to see us about the fact that he was only getting 4-5hrs of sleep per night. This had been going on for 26 years. He would have a hard time falling asleep, laying in bed for hours even though he felt relaxed and sleepy. He also had a hard time staying asleep, waking around 3am and having a hard time getting back to sleep. Once we had his adrenal test results in hand, we created an initial program for him and adjusted it over the following 6 weeks. He got better each week and by the end of 6 weeks he was falling asleep easily and staying asleep through the whole night. One important feature of his particular insomnia cure was his need for dietary blood sugar regulation. On a scale of 1-10, the severity of his insomnia had gone from a 10 to a 2.

Commonly Unrecognized Causes of Insomnia that our Clinic has Developed Effective Solutions For

  • 1) An excessive night time release of cortisol, the adrenal glands' primary stress hormone.
  • 2) A deficiency of the brain's supply of Serotonin and/or Melatonin.
  • 3) Over-stress resulting in a deficit of the brain tranquilizer GABA.

Our staff has identified the nutritional solutions to these three and several other causes of sleep disturbance. See Julia Ross' influential article on this subject, originally published in the Townsend Letter: Our methods quickly correct both brain neurotransmitter imbalances and adrenal overdrive (the most overlooked cause of severe insomnia).

Cracking Your Insomnia Code

The Insomnia Questionnaire

You're a night-owl and like to stay up late.
You have a hard time falling asleep.
You have a hard time staying asleep.
You wake up alert and ready to go between 2am and 4am and have a hard time getting back to sleep.
You can't get to sleep or back to sleep because you have worried, fearful, irritated or negative thoughts.
You seldom or never remember your dreams.
You have frequent nightmares.
You have night terrors.
You always wake up too early in the morning.
You've had sleep problems since a prolonged period of stress or a single highly stressful event.
It's hard to get to sleep because you feel tense and can't relax.
You wake up frequently throughout the night.
You wake up frequently throughout the night to use the bathroom.
You are unable to quit using caffeine.
You are driven and energetic even though you sleep little.
You have hot flashes and sweat at night.
You have restless leg syndrome.
You have leg cramps.
Chronic pain when you are lying down keeps you from sleeping well.
Your children's insomnia keeps you from sleeping.
You frequently need tranquilizers like Xanax, Ativan, and Valium to get to sleep.
You frequently need Trazadone or Vicodin to help you sleep.
You have sleep apnea (see side bar below)*.

*Regarding sleep apnea: if you have already identified and treated apnea, and still have problems, our sleep coaching can be helpful, but it is not a substitute for sleep apnea identification and treatment. Symptoms associated with Apnea are

  • Snoring
  • Abnormal breathing patterns including not breathing for periods while sleeping
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Fatigue
  • Nightmares
  • Overweight - Our virtual clinic for food cravers can make it easy to cut out excessive sugar and starch intake if overweight is a contributing factor in your apnea problems.

Program Structure and Cost

  • The Assessment Intake ($75) - This is the initial, informational phone call where we gather all of the necessary details about you and your situation to determine whether or not this program is right for you.
  • Lab test (optional) ($170) – We will often recommend that our clients complete a salivary cortisol test to determine if cortisol plays a role in their insomnia.
  • Amino Acid Trialing Kit (optional) ($55) – If we have determined that a deficiency in one or more Neurotransmitters plays a role in your insomnia, we will send you one of these kits. It includes 2-4 of each of the amino acids that we would potentially want to trial with you. That way, you can know if a supplement works before buying the whole bottle.
  • Individualized Consultations ($145/hr) – Once a week for a least a month, then as needed.
  • Supplement Cost – Varies; we have estimated an average of $6/day.
  • Beyond Insomnia – If we discover other imbalances that you would like our help in correcting, you can extend your number of consultations. For example, some of our clients have found out that even though their sleep improved, their energy level didn't come back to normal. We would be happy to help you explore additional issues that may come up in the course of our work together.

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